Shell Stitch Hat & Once Upon a Time

(Originally Posted December 30, 2012 on by Elise Dukart)

Hello all!

Since I am but a new squalling babe to this blogging thing (in 2012? For shame!), there will be a lot of trial-and-error happening in these early posts, so please bear with me. Not in the sense that you should give me bears, but rather in the sense of not hollering at me from the comments. Constructive criticism is welcome, however. ūüôā And I know that down the road, an older, wiser me will look back on these posts and laugh uproariously at my ineptitude.

Anywho, enough apologizing. Let’s get to it.

I’ve been a horrid follower of ABC’s¬†Once Upon a Time¬†since the second season began. What with school, friends, and my own preoccupation with¬†British¬†television, poor¬†OUAT¬†has been on the backburner of my to-watch list for quite some time. So, since it’s Christmas break and I have no more excuses, I grabbed yarn, a hook, some tea, and finally sat down to catch up on what’s going down in Storybrooke.

My procrastinatory tendencies have left me with quite a few Christmas presents to finish, so I started working up a hat for my friend Karen from a free pattern provided by the lovely lady at growcreative; a stinking cute shell stitch hat. Hook in one hand and remote in the other, I settled in for a fairy-tale-laden crochet session.

*Beware: some spoilers ahead*

So, while Emma & Co. tried to find a way back home (I started back up near the beginning of Season 2 with the episode¬†Lady of the Lake), I was working up the circular top of the hat with a plethora of dcs, grumbling to myself about the lack of female badassery so far in the season, but I was pleasantly surprised when Snow started kicking major fairyland butt. I had forgotten how fun of a character she was, since she’s battling bad guys with an armor-clad Mulan, and the unflappable Emma and her trusty pistol. And Aurora’s got… a shawl? Well, whatever.

Partway through the episode¬†The Doctor¬†(whose title inevitably led me to thinking of¬†this), I had to unravel back a few rows because I had messed up the fan pattern, so I could very well have finished the flippin’ hat had I been following the pattern closer, but multi-tasking comes with a price. If you take nothing else from this blog, remember that, dearies.

As for the episode itself, I was far more excited than any sane person should be when it was finally revealed who Dr. Whale was. Although, I find myself feeling that it’s a bit of a cheat to use a character from a novel written in the early 1800s among characters from fairy tales. But I digress. If they bring in Alice from¬†Alice in Wonderland, I guess that’ll just complete the cycle. Anyway, the Lit Geek in me was¬†ecstatic¬†to find out his identity, even if they laid it on pretty thick at the end, what with the B&W shots and abundance of lightning effects.

By the time I finished the episode¬†Child of the Moon¬†(where the heck was Red’s dad? Did her mom eat him? *sigh* Probably…), I got as far as the last row of fans in the hat, with the end result looking a little something like this:


As for¬†Once upon a Time, it was marvelous to get back to it. I feel like the writing has improved from the first season, since the fairy-tale flashbacks aren’t as tethered to the original stories anymore, so the writers can be a little more original. However, the abundance of new characters makes the whole thing feel rather scattered and stretched. When you’re in one world, you want to get back to the other one, or when you’re in a flashback, you want to get back to the real world and vice versa. It was still a hoot to watch, and I have two episodes left until I completely catch up. See you on the flip side, readers!


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