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Hook Case & The Twilight Zone

(Originally posted January 6, 2013 on by Elise Dukart)

Happy New Year, all!

I hope yours was wonderful and full of much counting.

As for me, New Years means one thing and one thing only – The Twilight Zone Marathon. Every year, SyFy (formerly Sci-Fi) has a two-day marathon of Rod Serling’s fantastical television series that ran from 1959 to 1964. It is, without a doubt, one of my favorite shows, and I get exceptionally crabby if I miss the New Years Marathon. Seriously, any remote-grabbers are at risk of losing their fingers. Thus, I parked myself in front of the television with a ball of yarn this year and finished up a few projects while unlocking a door with the key of imagination.

While Rod Serling gave his schpeel for the first of the episodes, Long Live Walter Jameson (don’t worry -I won’t take you through all of them, much as I’d like to) I finished up Karen’s hat. It ended up pretty snazzy methinks.

I had never seen the episode before, which is always a nice surprise. It wasn’t a particularly memorable one as far asThe Twilight Zone goes, but I’m a weirdly thorough person, and if I haven’t seen an episode of a particular show, I’ll most likely hunt it down to watch.

Then, despite having one more Christmas present to finish, I decided to be selfish and make something for myself. For Christmas, I received a passel of lovely bamboo crochet hooks from my mother, and decided to whip up a case for them. For this, I modified the pattern created by the lovely lady at Alli Crafts (I used sock yarn instead of sport, and did dcs instead of hdcs on the upper rows). Here’s how it looked by the time I finished the episode It’s a Good Life.

Incidentally, It’s a Good Life scares the ever-loving kaka out of me. Billy Mumy is far too good at playing a terrifying child, and you could cut the tension in that episode, but you’d need a hatchet in lieu of a knife… Due to the thickness of the tension. That analogy got away from me. Anyway, if you’ve never seen the episode, I highly suggest you watch it. In fact, that goes for all  The Twilight Zone episodes. They’re all on Netflix, and you have my permission to go watch all five seasons right now. I’ll wait.

Back already? Well, then you’ll know all about a few of my other favorites that showed up whilst I crocheted, including The Monsters Are Due on Maple StreetMr. Denton on DoomsdayA Game of Pool, and Two. The latter I’m particularly fond of, since it was one of the first episodes I saw. It stars the lovely Elizabeth Montgomery and beefykins Charles Bronson, and they throw canned chicken. It’s fantastic.

The thing about The Twilight Zone is that each episode gives the feeling of watching a particularly well-done short film. There’s an entire story crammed into a 25-min span of time, yet it manages to capture your imagination as well as your heart, whether it be through the story or the characters or the atmosphere. They range from heartwarming to dramatic to intellectual to outright horror, so there really is an episode for any film taste. My favorites are mainly dark and depressing – take from that what you will. Most of the episodes are filmed beautifully (See The Obsolete Man or The Midnight Sun for starters), and they tell stories that are relevant and thought-provoking to this day.

Of course, it did have its share of clunkers as well. The Bewitchin’ Pool springs immediately to mind (despite the involvement of the fabulous June Foray). And a handful of the episodes had to be filmed on a very low-quality camera due to budget constraints, and that in turn affects the entire episode negatively. But the great episodes drastically outweigh the poor ones, and are so consistently wonderful that its no wonder that SyFy airs a marathon of them twice a year.

By the time the marathon was over (of course I didn’t make it through it all – a girl has to sleep sometimes), I had a cool little case for my hooks and a dent in my forefinger from gripping the hook too hard when something spooky was happening onscreen. Such as mysterious phone calls late at night with no one on the other end, or dolls threatening to murder Telly Savalas, or stupidheads letting the devil out of his prison.

Meanwhile, this!

For realz, if you haven’t seen The Twilight Zone, I highly recommend it. It is definitely worth your time. Then you should comment and tell me what you think. 🙂 Happy New Year, all!


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